We understand our customers and their use cases are diverse. We have built our products to run in either within your enterprise data center, or within our multi-tenant cloud portfolio, to suit our customers’ business and regulatory requirements.


Our Enterprise products are designed to be hosted within your enterprise infrastructure, allowing additional control over data. Licensing our servers to run within our customers’ enterprises provides them the peace of mind that they control their employee and customer data.


The Knufactor portfolio allows our customers to add voice biometrics to almost any digital application where there is a microphone, a screen and an internet connection. Our APIs allow for rapid seamless integration and management of how voice authentication can help secure your digital data.

Web UI for admins and usersXX
Automatic provisioningX
Scalable provisioning toolX
LDAP/AD IntegrationX
PBX IntegrationX
Database backupXX
Failover system / Automatic recoveryXX
Data Retention PolicyX
Audit Log for changesXX
Encrypted communication (SSL, https, etc)XX
AES256 encryption (audio, voice models, etc)XX
DOS/DDOS mitigationXX
Firewall protection against unauthorized accessX
Manage database password and encryption keysX
Role based access controlsXX
On-going security scanningX
Security patch updatesX
Web UI multi-factor login using voice & passwordXX


KnuVerse’s products authenticate users, customer and employees for dollars per year.

Try the Knufactor portfolio for free – up to 10 users, 100 authentications, for 60 days – to see how we transform the authentication experience across platforms.

We have pricing tiers for users from small deployments for smaller teams like schools to global enterprises. Contact us to discuss what tier would best serve your needs at sales@knuverse.com.