KnuVerse products are built on voice technologies that are trusted by the most demanding military customers. We focus heavily on ensuring that our products are:

  • Easy yet powerful
    Our speaker authentication technology and services help customers authenticate without passwords, tokens, or other high-friction methods
  • Secure yet integratable 
    KnuVerse’s speech processing portfolio integrates military-grade multi-factor authentication security products into any application
  • Accurate yet flexible
    Over 5 years of proven results; our products are designed to integrate into a broad range of environments and to perform at scale and speed

KnuVerse offers two modes for speaker authentication – Knufactor and Knuscan.

Knufactor provides active speaker verification where users verify their identity with the same words they use to enroll. Knufactor uses dynamic prompting, vocabulary expansion, and prompt obfuscation to block replay attacks. Use cases for Knufactor include adding voice as a second factor of authentication for SSO or MDM, user verification for access to an app or transaction confirmation.

Knuscan provides passive speaker verification where users are verified during the course of a natural voice interface or conversation. Knuscan requires 30 seconds of a user speaking to authenticate them in less than 5 seconds in any language. Knuscan allows our customers to continuously verify that they have the right user, customer or employee engaged in a conversation. Use cases for Knuscan include verifying a user for a call center interaction, providing personalization for IoT voice commands, or black list alerting.