Back in 2011 we were challenged to develop a speaker identification system that could support the toughest battlespace conditions. Over the past 5 years, KnuVerse has continued to refine and expand the capabilities. What began as a military-focused technology has been expanded over the past several years to address the challenging authentication requirements of broader commercial markets. More than ever, industry is demanding an easy interface to verify identity outside of the broken model of passwords. KnuVerse’s voice authentication technologies is changing how authentication is done and is opening up a new range of possibilities.


Why Knuverse?

KnuVerse has unparalleled performance in voice biometrics which is an outgrowth of its heritage building products for the US Government. We focus on making our products work in real world, really noise environments – your car, in airports, at a trade show – and on any device – your laptop, your smart phone, your smart watch.

We believe security shouldn’t mean complexity.
We believe technology really should make your life easier.
We believe that you should be able to keep your data private.
We know that voice authentication is the next step in creating a secure digital world.