KnuVerse delivers accurate, secure, and cost-effective voice biometrics for securing digital devices in real-world noisy conditions.

KnuVerse products deliver secure seamless access to your digital content. Our voice biometrics provide an easy to use, scalable, reliable, dynamic method of user authentication, that works the same on a laptop, or a smart phone, or a smart watch. We authenticate in real time so your employees and customers can access to their data, confirm a transaction and have a personalized experience without negatively impacting response time.

KnuVerse products can be used across a broad variety of use cases, including: validating a user to access an app, account, or membership; providing speaker identification for workplace intelligence and eDiscovery; verifying individuals for password resets; and personalizing IoT devices.

KnuVerse products are consistently reliable in real-world conditions, and are designed to be easy to use, secure and scalable. They can be delivered via the cloud or within hosted environments, and can operate on any digital device that can connect to a server and can intake audio.

Our mission: KnuVerse delivers seamless, streamlined and robust data security.